The wonder of Cauliflower

As mentioned in my No carb pizza recipe, cauliflower is my wonder vegetable and has been for the last few months since I discovered so many new ways to use it! I am going to share the ways I love to use it, it is especially good for those of you that are on a Low or No carb diet or looking for healthier ways to eat certain dinners. First up Cauli-Rice


This is cauliflower made in to ‘rice’. I use this in stirfrys instead of noodles or rice. I have accompanied it with Curry and with Chilli Con Carne. I have also made it in to a ‘rice’ salad once cooled… the list is endless. The recipe is super easy too

-Whizz up the cauliflower on the grater section on your food processor or grate by hand
-Put in to a microwaveable bowl, cover with clingfilm and cook for 7-8minutes on the highest setting
-Take out and fluff up
**Cauli-rice is complete**

This can also be made in to ‘fried rice’ by frying with onion and adding herbs & spices

caulirice3caulirice caulirice2



Cauli-Mash is the perfect topping for Shepherds Pie, Cottage Pie, Fish Pie – any pie with a mash topping 🙂 It’s a great alternative for the Sunday Roast Dinner and makes perfect ‘potato’ salad with the addition of spring onions, parsley and mayo

-Cook the Cauliflower as normal (in boiling water until tender)
-Once cooked drain, let it steam with the lid on the pan for a minute or so
-Add enough milk to get the consistency you desire
-Add butter, cream or garlic if using (I like to add mustard or horseradish depending on what I’m using the mash for)
-Mash with potato masher or ricer
**Mash complete**

Cauliflower Puree

Cauliflower puree can be used as a healthy and gluten-free way to thicken soups, It is perfect to serve as a starter with Scallops and Chorizo and is also great for baby food

-Steam or boil the cauliflower
-Drain and add to food processor with milk and extra ingredients if using
-Puree to paste
**Puree complete**

I will feature some of the above dishes on the blog in the coming weeks.


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