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Hi and welcome to my Blog, Queen Bee’s Kitchen!

I thought it was probably about time I updated this page as it’s been two years since I set it up! All the below obviously still applies but I am now a best selling author on Kindle! I never thought I would end up writing cookbooks, even though I have always had a passion for food, I absolutely enjoy every minute of it!

I am a self taught cook who loves creating dishes, baking and of course sampling the finished products! I loved watching my mam cook when I was younger, taking every detail in. I watched all the cookery shows with her and still love watching them to this day. I LOVED Ready Steady Cook, who remembers that? I wrote my first recipes when my sister started college and moved away from home and she asked me to write some recipes for her to cook ~ the first one I wrote for her was spaghetti bolognese. I have worked as a chef in restaurants and ran my own coffee shop.

My cooking style is healthy with some indulgences (moderation is the key as they say) I don’t eat wheat so most recipes are gluten / wheat free. I will be showcasing my own recipes, if any are adaptations of other people’s recipes they will be quoted and linked back to.

Please leave any comments or queries you have or just say hi! If there is any dish you would like to feature just let me know.

I am also on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/queenbskitchen



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