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Russian Serial Killers Russian Serial Killers

The very words ‘serial killer’ are enough to strike fear into the heart of any normal person. While many of us are fascinated by this criminal breed and cannot resist the morbid need to learn more about them, we are also repulsed by the various atrocities and horrific acts that they are able to bring themselves to commit.

Amongst the best known serial killers, not just in Russia but in the world, is the insanely evil Andrei Chikatilo, aka the Rostov Ripper. However, there were many other serial murderers in Russia that came before him and many that came after him – some were even inspired by him.

In this book, you can learn more about some of the most evil serial killers in Russia and the unbelievably horrific acts that they committed, taking the lives of boys and girls, men and women, children and the elderly…

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