WIAW #8 Alicante Style


Hi guys and happy Wednesday! Any of you who read last weeks post know that I was in Alicante visiting a very good friend for the weekend so my #WIAW this week is a selection of the mostly gorgeous food I had while over there. I love Spain, absolutely everything about it…the food, the culture, the vino and of course the value for money. It really is so much cheaper than Ireland especially for dining out…which I love to do! I just so happened to get married there last September too 🙂

Big shout out to Jenn, our wonderful host – go check out the other bloggers on WIAW

what i ate wednesday 8Clockwise starting at the top:

Patatas bravas – I’m sure I don’t need to introduce these bad boys – they were so damn tasty. We had these in Benidorm on a day trip there, where I also had the next burger….

Benidorm Burger – I expected this mini burger to be made of beef but it was my fault for not asking. I took a bite in to it and it was sooooooo fishy and I mean over powering taste of fish. I had to eat that mouthful very quickly and munch more of the patata bravas to try get rid of the taste. That was the only thing I didn’t like while in Alicante and as it was a bite of a mini burger I did not dwell on it LOL!

Chicken Croquettes – These were soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside, cheese-y and chicken-y and very tasty! I will be making these over the weekend

Jalapeno Steak Burger (American Burger) – Oh WOW I would love one of these right now! This was a great meal for my last night, the burger was char-grilled and had jalapenos (which I love) salad, ketchup & mayo on the wholemeal bun – I was in heaven! These will also be making an appearance at the weekend in my kitchen.

Russian Salad – We got this with our wine after lunch. What we could taste was potato, carrots, tuna, egg, peas and mayonnaise it was very tasty, the wine was very tasty too

Chicken Tikka Bhuna – I love Indian food and this little gem of a restaurant was just down the road from my friend’s house. The chicken tikka bhuna I had for my main course was absolutely delicious.

Unfortunately I didn’t get photos of all the food I had in Alicante. The other delicious food I had and never got a chance to photo (forgot to photo) were:

Spelt Pizza – On my first night my friends boyfriend made us THE nicest pizza with a spelt base. It was really good, so good in fact that I am making it for dinner this evening so I hope to get the recipe and photos of my version up before the weekend.

Tapas – chicken croquettes, baked cheese and goats cheese salad

Tuna Carpaccio – I had this in Benidorm. It came with wasabi, fresh ginger julienne and a soy lime dressing. It was served with seaweed which I didn’t try

Spelt Brown Bread – Made by my gorgeous friend and amazing host for the weekend…it was simply delicious nom nom

I am taking a stall in our towns local Christmas Market in two weeks so I have a lot of work ahead of me! I made peanut butter chocolate chip gluten-free cookies last night – post to follow! Also, sun-dried tomato and cheddar spelt bread which is fantabulous.

Have you ever been to Spain? If so what was your favourite food?


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