Gluten Free Quesadillas


I was watching the box yesterday when the lovely Nigella appeared on screen, it was an old series but still a good one. She was making Quesadillas and I realised I hadn’t had them in YONKS! SO thank you Nigella, you are the inspiration for these 🙂

I made these for lunch yesterday and today and made them two completely different ways for comparison. Both are Gluten Free, first one is made with a gluten free wrap from Tesco – they are good but at €4 for 6 wraps VERY expensive! The other one was made with my one egg wrap. There are different fillings in both too…I have to say the Gluten Free wrap just pips the egg wrap for me as it gets crispy after going in to the griddle pan but its all down to preference 🙂 Let me know which one you prefer in the comments 😀

Gluten Free Wrap 

*Gluten Free Wrap

*2 slices of Ham (I used plain thin sliced ham you can use whatever ham you prefer)

*20g Grated Cheddar

*Half a scallion

*A couple of Jalapenos depending on how hot you like it!

*6-8 strips of red pepper

*8-10 leaves of baby spinach

*Dijon/English Mustard (optional)

*Spray Oil

Spread the wrap with mustard if using. Place the ham so it covers all of the wrap.


Add the remaining ingredients to just one half of the wrap.


Bring one side over so its in the shape of a half moon


Have you Griddle preheated. I used spray oil on the both sides of the wrap, you can brush with a little oil if you have no spray oil.


Toast on either side until cheese has started melting


Cut in to 3 triangles



Egg Wrap

*One Egg Wrap shown here

*2 slices of parma ham

*20g Feta Cheese crumbed or grated

*Half a scallion

*2 sundried tomatoes chopped up

*3 Basil Leaves, roughly chopped

The same as above to assemble and then toast on the griddle pan

20130927-160541.jpg 20130927-160558.jpg 20130927-160616.jpg 20130927-160633.jpg

This one was super tasty too but the gluten free wrap had a bit more crisp to it.

Let me know your thoughts



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