Majorcan food memories – 8 Course Taster Menu

Hello guys! Im back 😀

So after a lovely break in Majorca where the hubby and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary and another couple who are friends of ours from home were with us for the first half of our stay to celebrate a birthday, its back home and goodbye sun. While there we had some lovely meals, some of which I am going to review and re-create and of course share with you, my followers 🙂

We stayed in Sentido Punta Del Mar hotel and wow the hotel is amazing, the views are out of this world! We went all-inclusive and the food was good for the first few days but I don’t know about you but I get bored with buffets and like to order food and have it put in front of me – any regular cooks will agree with me here 😉 First up will be the 8 course taster menu we had in the hotel as part of our stay, we had this on my friend’s birthday night which was also their last night.

Light Lukewarm vichyssoise with crispy chicken and sweet chilli sauce

This was DELICIOUS ! We all would have eaten more of it, it went so well together and the vichyssoise had so much flavour! I will definitely be making this one for my next dinner party. Yum!


Pickled Quail with stewed beans with clove aroma

This was nice, very tasty but we all agreed the quail could have looked a bit better, as in it could have been browned last minute in a hot pan but all in all good flavours that you wouldn’t think would go together. The clove aroma was a drizzle of sauce on the side and was quite nice actually.


Marinated Salmon in Citrus and Dill with caramelised Apple and Olive Tapenade

I wasnt a fan of this one, the salmon wasnt to my taste (and I like smoked salmon) I don’t like olives so the tapenade didn’t do it for me either. The others weren’t that crazy about it either, they might want to amend the menu and remove this one


Vegetable Crepes with Gratinated Prawns in Manchego cheese

These were really good and we would all have munched up more given the chance 🙂 it was so tasty and came with an onion ‘soup’ in a small serving glass to pour over the crepe and it was so flavoursome


Sorbet made like Cuba Libre

None of us knew what Cuba Libre was until it the waiter explained it to us – Rum and Coke! So we were quite unsure of how this was going to taste. The rum and coke part was a jelly like substance on the bottom of the glass and the lime sorbet sat on top… they went really nice together! But the rum cola jelly wasn’t as nice without the sorbet


Pork Sirloin Skewers in Rosemary with Carrots and Spring onion glazed in Honey

The Pork was OK but overdone for my liking (a bit dry) a little bit more jus would have been nice too. This could be a really nice dish 🙂


Fondue with pears in Red wine and Forest Fruits Compote

This was too strong for my liking, the red wine taste was over powering and I couldn’t really taste anything else. Pear was cooked nicely though 🙂


Cream Cheese Semifreddo with sponge-cake with sweet strawberry coulis

This was a gorgeous dessert, very tasty and I would definitely order this on a menu in future


We were all extremely full at this stage but as it was my friend’s birthday we had to have a cake and sing-song (which she was completely mortified about!!) Her partner got the cake for her in a bakery in the town and it was so light..heres a pic 😀 😉


All in all the food was lovely and it was a great night – the wine was lovely too, a white Sauvignon Blanc

More Majorcan dishes to follow in further posts 🙂

Queen Bee xx


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