Turkey salami,Brie & relish wrap

These are super quick to make and oh so delicious!!

1 egg
3 slices of turkey salami (or more if u prefer)
30g of Brie
Tbsp tomato relish

To make the wrap
Whisk up the egg and pour in to a non stick frying pan swirl it around until it covers the entire base of the pan turn over after about a minute to cook the other side. Pour on to a chopping board and its ready to be filled! Its a gluten and carb free alternative to flour wraps and so quick to make!

Spread the relish on to the wrap

I like to dry fry the Salami so its crispy, add to the wrap then top with the Brie. Roll up and put in to the frying pan to heat the Brie so it melts in the wrap – 30 seconds each side should do.

Munch it up 😃





4 thoughts on “Turkey salami,Brie & relish wrap

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